What Can You Expect After A Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Best augmentation surgery is done to shape your breasts and to correct the size of your breasts. The recovery after a breast augmentation surgery varies person to person. The recovery depends on the type of implant used. You must be aware of the things that you must expect after your breast augmentation surgery. Check here to know about the recovery after a breast augmentation. You must follow specific tips to speed up the recovery process. Click Here to know about the recovery tips after breast augmentation surgery.

The article below lists the recovery tips that you must follow after breast augmentation surgery.

Recovery Milestones
Immediately after the breast augmentation surgery, you may experience light or moderate pain in your breast. Usually, doctors prescribe medicines for mild pain. You can also witness swelling or bruises on your chest. Doctors may suggest you to wear a surgical bra or compression bandages so that you can feel comfortable after the surgery. Due to the application of anesthesia, some may experience nausea for the initial hours after the surgery. One week after the surgery you can get back to your regular work. You must avoid bending and carrying heavy objects. You must visit the doctor a week after the operation where the doctor may inspect your breasts.

Generally, women feel normal two weeks after the breast augmentation procedure. They can perform their normal daily activities. Do not strain yourself by performing hard exercises. You can resume your regular workouts one month after the surgery. It takes nearly six weeks for the complete recovery of your breasts after the breast augmentation procedure.

Managing Pain
Immediately after the breast augmentation procedure, you may experience moderate pain based on the type of surgical procedure. The pain varies from person to person. Some women manage pain by consuming the painkillers suggested by doctors.

Implant Settling
Implant placement is mostly done during breast augmentation procedure. It takes time for the implant to settle. Patients feel uncomfortable with the implants immediately after the surgery. After few weeks you may feel that the implants become soft and settle down. It takes nearly six weeks for the breast implants to settle completely.

Stretch Marks And Scarring
There are rare cases where you can witness stretch marks after the breast augmentation procedure. Laser treatments can help to get rid of stretch marks. Scarring would be permanent after a breast augmentation procedure. Mostly experience cosmetic surgeons make the incision in areas that are hidden so you can not see the scars easily. You can make use of silicone tape or topical agents to get rid of the scars on the affected areas.

Tips To Be Followed:
The following are some of the tips that you can follow for the fast recovery after breast augmentation procedure.

Follow the instructions offered by your surgeon after the surgery.
Meet your doctor after the surgery at regular intervals or as instructed.
Take rest and avoid strenuous work for a week.
Wear loose clothes, eat healthy and light food.
Do not sleep on your belly for six weeks after the surgery.
Massage your breasts as suggested by your surgeon.
The above is the after recovery facts that you should be aware of before performing breast augmentation procedure.

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